Discovering the Vibrant Community of 77079: 2024 Comprehensive Overview

Nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas, the 77079 zip code is a dynamic and diverse community. Home to 35,097 residents, this area is marked by a blend of cultural heritage, a strong sense of community, and a thriving local economy. Here's an in-depth look at what makes 77079 a unique and desirable place to live.

Demographics and Population

The median age of residents in 77079 is 35.3 years, with a vibrant and youthful population that brings energy and dynamism to the area. The average family size here is 3.3, reflecting the community's family-oriented nature.

The largest ancestry groups in 77079 showcase its rich cultural diversity. Mexican ancestry leads with 4,305 individuals, closely followed by English (4,124) and German (4,121) ancestries. This cultural mix is reflected in the area's festivals, cuisine, and community events, creating a vibrant, multicultural environment.

Age Distribution

The most populous age groups highlight a balanced demographic spread:

- For men, the 35 to 39 years age group is the largest, comprising 1,523 individuals (8.9% of the male population).

- For women, the 40 to 44 years age group is the most populous, with 1,409 individuals (7.8% of the female population).

This age distribution suggests that 77079 is home to many young professionals and families, contributing to a dynamic and forward-looking community. The presence of various age groups also ensures that community activities and local amenities cater to a wide range of interests and needs.

Employment and Occupations

The local economy in 77079 is robust, with a significant portion of the workforce engaged in Management, Business, Science, and Arts occupations. The most common professions include:

- Management: 3,474 individuals (19.7%)

- Community & Social Service: 2,452 individuals (13.9%)

- Computers, Engineering & Science: 2,355 individuals (13.3%)

- Business & Financial: 1,854 individuals (10.5%)

- Education Instruction & Library: 1,324 individuals (7.5%)

These employment figures reflect a community with a strong professional and educational background. The high number of individuals in management roles underscores the area's appeal to career-oriented residents, while the significant presence in community and social services highlights a commitment to social welfare and community building.

Gender Distribution in Occupations

The occupational landscape of 77079 reveals distinct gender preferences in certain fields:

Male-Dominated Occupations:

 - Computers & Mathematics: 79.8%

 - Architecture & Engineering: 76.3%

 - Computers, Engineering & Science: 74.9%


Female-Dominated Occupations:

 - Education Instruction & Library: 74.1%

 - Education, Arts & Media: 71.7%

 - Health Diagnosing & Treating: 68.8%

These statistics indicate a traditional gender distribution in certain professional fields, with men predominantly occupying roles in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and women leading in education and healthcare. This diversity in professional expertise contributes to a balanced and comprehensive local economy.

Housing and Residential Patterns

The housing market in 77079 is diverse, with various types of residential units that cater to different preferences and needs:

- Single Unit, Detached: 5,959 homes (43.4%)

- Single Unit, Attached: 1,524 homes (11.1%)

- 2 Unit Apartments: 67 units (0.5%)

- 3 or 4 Unit Apartments: 352 units (2.6%)

- 5 to 9 Unit Apartments: 1,516 units (11.1%)

- 10 or More Apartments: 4,282 units (31.2%)

The predominance of single-unit detached homes indicates a preference for traditional family housing, offering space and privacy. However, the significant number of apartment units, especially those with ten or more units, provides options for those seeking rental properties or more communal living arrangements. This mix of housing options ensures that 77079 can accommodate a variety of lifestyles and housing needs, from families to singles and retirees.

Community Life and Amenities

The community life in 77079 is enriched by a variety of amenities and services that cater to its diverse population. The area's cultural heritage is celebrated through numerous local events and festivals, which highlight the contributions of its Mexican, English, and German residents. These events provide opportunities for community engagement and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual respect among residents.

Education and Schools

Education is a priority in 77079, with a number of reputable schools serving the community. The strong presence of professionals in education and library occupations underscores the value placed on learning and academic achievement. Local schools are well-regarded for their academic programs and extracurricular activities, providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for future success.


Zip code 77079 in Houston is a microcosm of cultural richness and economic vitality. With a diverse population, a strong educational and professional community, and varied housing options, it offers a vibrant lifestyle for its residents. Whether you're looking to raise a family, advance your career, or enjoy a multicultural environment, 77079 stands out as a prime choice for many Houstonians.

This area not only reflects the dynamic and inclusive spirit of Houston but also offers a supportive and thriving community where residents can achieve their personal and professional goals. As 77079 continues to grow and evolve, it remains a testament to the strength and resilience of its residents and the unique character of Houston.