Memorial Drive at 77079: April 2024 Market Snapshot

Memorial Drive at 77079: April 2024 Market Snapshot April 2024 Market Snapshot Where Opportunity and Challenge Collide

The real estate market in the highly desirable Memorial Drive area (zip code 77079) showed a fascinating mix of trends in April 2024.  If you're a homeowner, buyer, or investor, understanding these dynamics is critical.

The Under $800,000 Market:  It's All About Demand

  • Listings decreased by 6.5% compared to April 2023, signaling a continuing tight supply.
  • Remarkably, sold properties jumped by 50%! This indicates strong buyer demand in this price range.
  • Despite the sales surge, prices softened with the median price decreasing by 10.5%. Average price per square foot remained stable at $226.
  • The story here?  Incredibly limited inventory (less than a month's supply) and homes flying off the market in an average of 6 days creates a classic seller's market.
Memorial Dr 77079 | Supply and Demand | Resale | Below $800k

Below $800k - Houston:  Inventory expanded by 22.4% across the city, with sales increasing at a more modest 2.4%.  Price growth remains evident, with median prices up 4.1% and average price per square reaching $170.

Luxury Market (Over $800,000): Prices on the Rise

  • Modest inventory increase (up 5.3% compared to April 2023) offers buyers slightly more choice.
  • Sales activity dipped slightly by 5.3%.
  • The big takeaway: Prices continue their upward climb.  The median price jumped 11.2%, and the average price per square foot increased by 10.2% to $368.
  • Extremely low inventory (less than a month) combined with a 17-day average on the market signals even the luxury end is tight for buyers.

Memorial Drive 77079 | Supply and Demand | Resale | Above $800K

Above $800k- Houston:  City-wide trends see the luxury segment follow a similar pattern.  Inventory expanded 17.1% with a 1.7% increase in sales activity.   Significant price growth persists, with an 8.7% increase in median price and average price per square foot rising 2.7%.

What This Means for You

  • Sellers: If you're considering listing your Memorial Drive area property, market conditions are ripe for maximizing your return.
  • Buyers:  Prepare to move quickly! Partnering with a skilled agent is crucial for identifying suitable homes and succeeding in a competitive environment.
  • Investors:  Pay close attention to areas with strong price appreciation and tight inventory – these may offer long-term potential.

How Inventory Impacts Your Home's Value

Today's extremely low inventory across both price segments could drive further price increases in the Memorial Drive at 77079 market. With demand outpacing the number of homes available, the value of your property might be poised to grow.

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