What is happening in Houston?

Houston's real estate market has consistently been a focal point for both investors and homebuyers alike. As we delve into 2024, the market dynamics continue to evolve, reflecting broader economic trends and local developments. This blogpost aims to dissect the market into two distinct segments: properties priced below $800,000 and those above this threshold. Each segment exhibits unique trends and patterns, providing insightful revelations about Houston's real estate landscape.

Below $800,000 Real Estate Market Update

As anticipated, the real estate market in 2024 has started on a strong note, maintaining its momentum. The data for February reveals an interesting trend when compared to January. The number of houses for sale has seen a modest increase of 3.4%, while sold properties have outpaced this growth slightly, registering a 3.9% increase. This uptick in activity signals a robust demand, pushing both the median and average price per square foot up by 2.5%. These figures underscore a clear upward trajectory in single-family house prices within this segment.

The average sold price in February stood at $330,516, with the average price per square foot reaching $162. This price movement is indicative of a healthy demand that continues to shape the market dynamics. Perhaps more telling is the Month Supply of Inventory, which saw a significant reduction by 14.1%, settling at 2.6 months. This reduction in inventory underscores a tight market condition, highlighting the challenges buyers face in finding available properties in Houston.


Above $800,000 Real Estate Market Update

The luxury market in Houston is not just keeping pace but roaring ahead, promising an exceptional performance in 2024. February's figures are particularly telling, with an 8% increase in the number of houses for sale compared to January. However, the luxury segment outshines this statistic with the number of sold properties skyrocketing by 18.3%. Such vigorous demand has led to a dramatic decrease in the Month Supply of Inventory, plummeting by 36.2% to reach a mere 2.7 months. For the high-end market, this inventory level is remarkably low, highlighting the fierce competition among buyers for luxury properties.

In terms of pricing, the luxury segment saw a median price increase of 6.4%,although the average price per square foot slightly declined by 1.9% in February, settling at $357. The average sold price for this tier reached a staggering $1,313,278. This nuanced pricing trend suggests a complex interplay between demand, the unique attributes of luxury properties, and buyer preferences.


Houston's real estate market in 2024 is marked by vigorous activity and promising trends. The distinction between the sub-$800,000 and luxury markets is pronounced, with each catering to different buyer demographics and exhibiting unique market behaviors. As we move further into the year, these trends provide valuable insights for potential buyers, sellers, and investors, indicating a robust real estate environment in Houston that caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets. With the current data in hand, stakeholders can make informed decisions, navigating the market with a clearer understanding of its dynamics.